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File:Blog only use Be Skeptical.pngFile:Bonnie block FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Bonnie block FNAF SMBX V 1.1.png
File:Bonnie walk FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Bonnie walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Broken Bonnie walk FNAF SMBX.png
File:Broken Bonnie walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Broken Chica walk FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Broken Chica walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.png
File:Broken Freddy walk FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Broken Freddy walk FNAF SMBX V.1.1.pngFile:Broken Golden Freddy walk FNAF SMBX.png
File:Broken Golden Freddy walk FNAF SMBX V.1.1.pngFile:Broken Mangle walk left FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Broken Mangle walk right FNAF SMBX 2.png
File:Chica block FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Chica block FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Chica walk FNAF SMBX.png
File:Chica walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Community-header-backgroundFile:Cupcake FNAF SMBX.png
File:Door light disco ball FNAF SMBX.gifFile:Example.jpgFile:FNAF SMBX Backstage.png
File:FNAF SMBX Dining Area.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Dining Area English.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Dining Area German.png
File:FNAF SMBX East Hall.pngFile:FNAF SMBX East Hall Corner.pngFile:FNAF SMBX East Hall Corner 2.png
File:FNAF SMBX East Hall left side.pngFile:FNAF SMBX East Hall middle.pngFile:FNAF SMBX East Hall middle 2.png
File:FNAF SMBX East Hall middle right.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Kitchen.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Pirate Cove.png
File:FNAF SMBX Restrooms.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Show Stage.pngFile:FNAF SMBX Supply Closet.png
File:FNAF SMBX The Office.pngFile:FNAF SMBX The Office English.pngFile:FNAF SMBX The Office English 2.png
File:FNAF SMBX The Office German.pngFile:FNAF SMBX The Office German 2.pngFile:FNAF SMBX West Hall.png
File:FNAF SMBX West Hall Corner.pngFile:FNAF SMBX West Hall Corner 2.pngFile:FNAF SMBX West Hall left side.png
File:FNAF SMBX West Hall middle.pngFile:FNAF SMBX overworld1.pngFile:FNAF SMBX overworld2.png
File:FNAF SMBX overworld3.pngFile:FNAF SMBX overworld4.pngFile:Favicon.ico
File:Foxy block FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Foxy block FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Foxy walk FNAF SMBX.png
File:Foxy walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Freddy block FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Freddy block FNAF SMBX V 1.1.png
File:Freddy walk FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Freddy walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Golden Freddy block FNAF SMBX.png
File:Golden Freddy block FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Golden Freddy walk FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Golden Freddy walk FNAF SMBX V 1.1.png
File:Jeremy Fitzgerald 2 FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Jeremy Fitzgerald FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Jukebox FNAF SMBX 3.png
File:Mangle walk FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Mike's paycheck FNAF SMBX.gifFile:Mike Schmidt 2 FNAF SMBX.png
File:Mike Schmidt 2 FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Mike Schmidt FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Mike Schmidt FNAF SMBX V 1.1.png
File:Moon FNAF SMBX.pngFile:Rex Gee walk FNAF SMBX 3.pngFile:Secret orb FNAF SMBX.png
File:Security cam FNAF SMBX.gifFile:Security cam FNAF SMBX V 1.1.gifFile:Security door Mike FNAF SMBX.png
File:Security door Mike FNAF SMBX V 1.1.pngFile:Springtrap walk FNAF SMBX 3.pngFile:Striped Puppet block FNAF SMBX 2.png
File:Striped Puppet character select block concept art small.pngFile:Striped Puppet concept art small watermarked.pngFile:Striped Puppet walk FNAF SMBX 2.png
File:Toy Bonnie walk FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Toy Chica walk FNAF SMBX 2.pngFile:Toy Freddy walk FNAF SMBX 2.png